Occupy Poetry

Occupy Poetry is an independent literary anthology inspired by the Occupy Movement protests worldwide and publishes poetry about economic justice/injustice, greed, love and peace, protest, activism, and change.

Submission to Occupy Poetry is free and open to any poet or writer. There is no need to query the editorial staff to contribute to this project. Humanity has united across boundaries in a struggle for real democracy and individual rights. Essential to this struggle is the respect for human life and living conditions, including environments.

Global civil society is being threatened by a system based on power and not on human values and the goal of this project is to rise through poems, verse and sayings the power of people. Day after day modern financial systems represses basic freedoms and consistently favors the greed of the few over the needs of the many. This power finances wars, food and pharmaceutical monopolies, it sponsors dictatorial regimes across the globe, destroying environments, manipulating and censoring information flow and transparency. Protesting through poetry peacefully spread the word of a better life and change.

Poems and Poets

Osip MandelstamElizabeth BishopCésar VallejoW. D. SnodgrassJohann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller