Occupy Poetry

10 December 2011

BY Robyn Sluis-Cremer

We were there
When the lights twinkled,
and a star beacon
shone out against the orange city glow.

Just-visitors snapped away,
Posing at the plinth, the column
Weighed down with bags of
festive swag,
Steaming lattes,
Jolly faced smiles.

Santa leaned against the fountain
Mrs Claus – legs out –
Pressed against him and the thick
Smell of cider hung about.

We were there.

When bodies poured through.
The drum of feet against cold stone
Beat out the rhythm of a voice.
And there They stood
yellow vest to yellow vest
Set faces, pursed lips.

The whirl, click flash
Framed it.
The banners, that explained it.
We were there.

But no one seemed to notice.
The lone voice and the easy chords:
Joy to the world.


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