Occupy Poetry


BY DeWayne Alston

Issues within the corporate sector and our government
Economic, foreign policy and climate concerns today
Have left citizens in a state of discontent
Fed up and forced to occupy the streets
Doing whatever must be done to find a way
To level the playing field and make ends meet
A new civil rights movement
Galvanizing a new generation to get to their feet
Heads held high and voices loud
Weilding banners that read
"Equal treatment from our government!!!"
and "We are the 99%!!!"
At all costs they're determined to succeed
Not allowed to use microphones
So those with something to say use the crowd
Met with resistance from law enforcement
Assaulted and then arrested
Yet they're still persistant
Their mettle tested they press on
and show us the way
From New York City to the Bay
They don't intend to leave these public spaces
Even though police have torn the tents down
and kicked them out of their makeshift towns
The determination etched upon their faces
They continue to stand their ground
This all started in Tahrir Square
And now there are pockets everywhere
Mainstream media tries to suppress it
Some folks have even tried to suggest it's
All just a waste of time
But we're not going anywhere
Until they really listen to what we have to say
We won't be content
Until we're no longer the 99%


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