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A Child's View on War

BY Angela Khristin Brown

A Child View On War
Daddy went off to war one day
To play the big boy games
And fight the countless enemies
Who also have no names.
While I sat and played outside
And mommy baked her pies
I said to my little playmates
'My daddy will not die.
He’ll fight the ones who want to take
Our freedoms and our dreams
He’s gonna blast those commies,
Though I don’t know what that means.'
But Daddy’s strong, he’ll survive,
My Mommy told me so.
So I was brave and did not cry
When he said he had to go.
My mother told me once again,
That Daddy would not die,
So I gave him a smile to carry
When we had to say goodbye.
I was right, but oh, so wrong,
To think he would not die
Because although he still walks and talks
There’s nothing in his eyes.
When Daddy came back, he looked the same
And hugged and kissed my head
But soon I knew his heart was gone
His love for me was dead.
This Vietnam, that he went to
Was oh, so far away
And while he did his duty there
I learned how to pray.
“Lord, please bring my daddy home,
And keep him safe at night,
And if it’s dark and cold outside
Give him warmth and light.”
What I should have prayed instead was this:
“Lord, protect my Daddy’s heart,
And don’t let the war he’s fighting
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Tear his soul apart.”
Yes, Daddy went off to war one day
Mommy said he would not die
But that was not completely true,
‘Cause now he’s dead inside.
Angela Brown

Angela Brown


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