Occupy Poetry

Adults Don't Read to Their Children Anymore

BY Joe DeMarco

The Judas Cow had a self-fulfilling prophesy
That he was going to betray his species
And lead them all to genocide by way of slaughter
He laid down in the road as an alternative
His remains were given to a poor family
so they might eat well for half a year.

When the stock market crashed
Chicken Little fell out of bed
and broke his back
Chuck Little the investment banker
(Chicken Little's substitute)
Ran to the top of The Empire State Building, yelling
'The Stock market is falling!
The Stock market is falling! ! ! '

The three little pigs foreclosed on their houses
And fully expected a bailout
They didn't get it
the FatCats in Washington refused
They only wanted to bailout the Sheeps on Wall Street
And the Monkeys in Detroit

The greed meter is broken!
The clock is ticking way too fast! !
Something has gone terribly awry
Even in the Fairy Tales
Adults don't read to their children anymore.


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