Age of the Cure of my Cecity

by Wirndzerem G.Barfee

Now, I can die
For I have seen the truth.

Last year’s calendar timed
The cures of my cecity:

My eyes, helios torched them
With medicinal rays – and

And I distinguished revolutions
The bona fide from the forged,

Having been cruelly schooled by
Old Thucydides’ learned maxim:

Large nations do what they wish,
Small nations accept what they must.

This year on, I can now rest in peace
For I have seen the purity of light:

Am no longer duped, drugged
By filmed negatives of the sun.


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About Wirndzerem G.Barfee

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Wirndzerem G. Barfee is the winner of 2011 EDUART ‘s Bate Besong Prize for poetry with his collection Bird of the Oracular Verb (Iroko Publishers, 2008) and also author 2009 of the short story “Jury of the Corrupt” included in the The Spirit Machine and Other Stories (CCCPress, UK), an anthology of Anglophone Cameroonian short stories., He has published poems and essays in literature and culture in publications such Palapala Magazine (USA),, Saraba (Nigeria), Sentinel Poetry Quaterly (UK), Fabafriq (UK/S.Africa) and Conversation Poetry (UK) amongst others. He has also been involved in editorial projects which include Songs for Tomorrow anthology (Miraclaire, 2009), Ngoh Kuoh Review (Miraclaire, 2011) and Eco-Salvation poetry anthology (Miraclaire, 2011).