Bless a woman, holiness

by Kozeta Zavalani

O holiness,
Turn here your eyes and mind!
Remember a woman who believes
That asks and prays for universe.
I know,
You gave us life
Born from love
So we give you love back...
Wonder if,
That woman was you!
The tornado od heavenly feelings takes me
As a challenge in front of gods
From your strngth I want to reborn
Under the magical spirit of heavenly evocation
Come out from the living chaos
So I write “hatred” on ice
That sun can melt it down in the morning
O holiness,
Wonder if,
That woman was you!

Kozeta Zavalani

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About Kozeta Zavalani

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My name is Kozeta Zavalani (Qirjo). I am from Tirana, Albania and work-as editor in chief in the Magazine: “Season for Change”. I am the mother of two boys (24 and 21 years respectively) and the wife of a general practitioner., I have been graduated from the Economics Faculty of the State University of Tirana in 1981 and in 1984. I was specialized in journalism. Since 1992 I have devoted most of my time to journalism., I have tried to bring the spirit and the experience gained in the important conferences in my country for the empowerment and benefit of families in general and women especially. As a result I have made friends for life around the world, I have meet dynamic, diverse women from around the world, sharing experiences, and working together toward a common goal., The people I have met and the experiences they have afforded me - will treasure for the rest of my life., My aims are to gain a new experience in the organization and maintaining themes on the network of VIP women; managers, professionals and entrepreneurs, to look how women are leading and preparing to lead global change, big and small revolutions in the workplace and in their lives., Many of those women have served me as protagonists (have inspired me), of my books; "Women who have inspired me" and “Half-World”.