Bring in the Clowns

by Friscobeat

The pageant has lost its luster
the audience is drifting away.

The producers scratch their collective head
and wonder how last Fall's hit
has become this Springs flop.

They scanned the script with a meticulous eye.
Every character was scrutinized.
Even the music was suspect.

Nothing amiss was found.

Then an unnoticed guy in the back
with the flashing bow tie
and size 20 shoes
called attention to himself with a fart,
the missing dimension was revealed.
Their drama could bring the audience to tears
it could send them out into the street
with the revolutionary fervor.

But what they had not asked the audience to do
was to laugh. They needed some kind of a

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I'm a 68 year old white dude, husband, father and grandfather.I became interested in poetry some years ago at a conference given by Robert Bly. I used to live in San Francisco, North Beach, where I soaked up some beat vibes. Lawrence Ferlinghetti was my neighbor for a time. That's why I use the name Friscobeat as my nom de plume. Other than reading lots of poetry, I'm entirely self taught. That can be either a fact or an excuse., I am extremely excited about the possibilities flowing from the Occupy movement. Since I'm not moving around much these days (I'm in wheelchair with MS) and because I want to do something in support, I started a weblog called Poetry Occupying Occupy. You can find it at Http://