Occupy Poetry

Bullshit walks, Money talks

BY Gerd Raase ( Floy Dy Ra)

The bank face probably thought
behind the counter,
but did not say it, however,
when you only got five euros
from the cash-machine
and the overdraft facility
is still running out for the payments
you have the next days
and from the month another 3 weeks
were left.

The politician's faces probably also thought
behind their smeared facades
in their upholstered armchairs
in their meeting rooms,
when they spend your money,
judge above your money
and work with your money against you,
until only debts
were left.

The energy group faces probably also thought
behind the windows of their block of flats palaces,
with their supervisory board posts
in their glass elevators,
they already spent your money for the reserves elsewhere
for the back construction of the nuclear power stations
and the disposal of the nuclear waste
and only use the government,
against the people for to bill all loads on them
and are distributed namely with lasting effect to them,
left remain.

Probably you thought nobody speaks about that,
behind the walls of their apartments,
on the streets went shopping and going for a walk,
at work and in the company,
above our gained money,
about we should not talk,
because you take it from us constantly
and cheat us with our own money to take us for a ride,
because you want us to believe in what you want,
one does not speak about money,
wait only, until we take the money from you
and nobody more speaks about you, if one of you
left remain!




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