Occupy Poetry

Candy Dish Soul

BY Louis Marvin

some wear it on their sleeves, pinned like a note from their mother

others have a clear candy dish of a soul
like the ones on 24th street at Gram B.'s house
where she used to lay out her Brach's and M and M's

my soul is like that
with some blue days, and some of the clear turquoise mint
some days are like Christmas, with red and green m & m's
some days are so sunny, with that yellow butterscotch
oh those sad dark, depressed days, when only a licorice will do (but even her licorice days had those sweet white sugar dots on them, so hope could sweetly shine through)
and for those bubbly days, why not the rootbeer candies?

my soul is a clear candy dish, take a taste if you wish
or come back another day, because my candy and this colorful soul
never stay the same, we rotate 'em
take the top off my head, reach in a grab a little hard candy sugar soul

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