by Suman Pokhrel

you're sure to hear from above
if you're placed down below.

don't turn right – don't turn left.
have a dagger about you – stay away from weapons
go to bed early – work till midnight
keep doors 'n windows open – shut doors well
don't walk in pairs 'n groups – don't walk alone
don't look about – guard home round the clock
don't stay hungry, never – don't eat anything
don't wear clothes – don't walk bare-bodied.

I've badly failed to understand
why masters can't think.

(Translated from Nepali by Manu Manjil)

Sweet and Sour Dreams/ Foundation of SAARC Writers and Literature

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About Suman Pokhrel

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Born on the 21st September 1967, Suman Pokhrel is a poet, lyricist & translator. He has done BSc, BL and MBA from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. He has acclaimed collections of poems called Soonya Mutuko Dhadkanbhitra (1999) and Jeevanko Chheubaata (2010) and collections of marvelous songs called Hajaar Aankha Yee Aankhama (2001) to his credit. His collection of poems Jeevanko Chheubaata has received the Jayandra Best Book of the Year Award for the year 2010. He is a man of letters active in promoting poetry, art and folklore. He is one of the finest Nepali poets today known for innovative style and grace. He has participated in several international literary and cultural events including SAARC Festival of Poetry, SAARC Writers’ Conference and SAARC Folklore and Heritage Festival.