Occupy Poetry

Cybernetic Blues

BY Saira Viola

Twitter wars and face book scores
Cyber Crimes and Threats online
Corral the ceiling of your mind
Un -staged dramas a click away
Recording everything you dare to say
Download Upload notify beware !
Of Trolls and Ghouls and nasty
Malaware .
There's stalking spies -and viruses behind face book likes
Scammers , hustlers and fictitious trades
Stealing data from cyber space
Virtual lives and net- book realities
Erasing flaws and faking identities
You can meet a thousand or more people a day
Symbols and emoticons is how they inter face
For their thoughts and smiles are behind a screen
Part of a cosmic tapestry
Emails and web trails net the globe
Humanity masked by ether robes
There are still danger zones
And places unknown,
ICQ and Firewalls
Veiled with IRC
And cyber porn
W E L C O M E to the world wide web
It will House U in Work mode
Even when you're dead .

Cybernetic Blues


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