Occupy Poetry


BY Stefan Mayerhofer

hello dear profitablished one
we`d kindly like to ask you some
some questions cause we`d like to know
how you are dealing with your show:

how do you feel right at the top?
FOR sure you`ve got a knotty job
your ego has to pick and ChoosE
yeah what you`ve got is what we loose!

how do you deal WITH poverty?
because of inequality
yOUr ego needs to Take some breath
while many others starve to death!

how do you sleep at starry night?
WIth all your money by your side
with all your never ending greed
and all uS out there left in need!

how DO you keep your Money clean?
it`s quite conFusing in your scene
withALL thiS costs and benefits
you`re sucking out OF our tITS!

how do you cope with all your lies?
with all your tricky alibis
with all the wars you start and end
and with your long armed bloody hand!

how do hope for better days?
with all your prOfit driven ways
With all your enemies you need
aNd all the madness that you breed!

but please dear "pro" don`t get us wrong!
with all this questions all along
you should not be an enemy
let`s just reWrite our history!

let`s fadE out profit driven ways
let`s shape the man for better days
let`s human progress come along
let`s spread some wealth for everyone

let`s make a world wIth no more Greed
let`s take us out tHere left in need
let`s starT a new way in the end
with kind regards…

der Kontrahent!


Stefan Mayerhofer


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