Occupy Poetry


BY Stefan Mayerhofer

hello dear profitablishment
again I`ll shake your bLOody hand
again I`ll thank you for the way
you goVErn our lives today:

thanks for the "advertISery"
for senseless multiplicity
for shaping our taste and mind
and for the waste you leave behind!

thAnks for the cunning lobbying
for "equal" rights for all you Bring
for innovations you rEsTrain
and for The losERs of the game!

Thanks for your funny monEy loops
in cAse of loss you just say "oops!"
your politiCians then tHEy state:
"by tax increase we`ll get it stRaight!"

THANks for the gaps between ourselves
for all the stereotypes and hells
for all the conflicts that you spread
and for the way to global threat!

for all these gifts I'd like to say
I do not need them anyway
so neither Does the most of Us
thaT's whY it gets quite obvious:

farew(h)ell dear profitablishment
you'll finally come to an end
the time is right for saner trend
with worst regards…


thanks to Albert Einstein!

Stefan Mayerhofer


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