Occupy Poetry


BY Joshua W. Davis

You are like a new-wed bride
who on her wedding night forgets
her nuptial vows and that golden spouse
that lies beside her
and dreams herself lonely at the alter,
abandoned or made cuckold
by some fairer lass;
and whose new-wed groom above
her body hovers, contemplating supple lines
of cheek and lip,
wondering of visions
behind sleeping eyes.

You cry out in your dreaming,
and who wouldn't? But know that even now
your sweet lover is stroking your shoulder,
smoothing your hair on the pillow, waiting,
just waiting,
for you to awaken.

Sure, eventually the Sun will rise
and you'll wake up naturally,
without even trying.
But why not try a little now,
since this dream has turned so bad,
to crack an eyelid
before morning comes?


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