by Silvana Kuhtz

The earth has the flu:
a chaotic reality scattered smashed
with shots in the blu
that crash down in a court hearing where
the reason is not on you.

The earth has the flu
because of this disgust
I do not have a clue:
without batting an eyelid
I gulp down
the poison bid
that invades seas lands rivers, the squid.
It is the time when the graveyards yawn
every instant is a final passage, a moan.

I want to get off this dream
give me back the world,
bring back the beauty of the being and its history.

Poets, do not twiddle your thumbs:
you can kiss the blue and invade the towns
with that untouchable magma that is
breath light dream and breeze.

I do not want to deceive myself
but listen to me
it is possible to bring in the spark,
the meaning that is behind the mask:
an air that touches, generates, starts it all again.
Poets do not twiddle your thumbs!

On a hard pavement
at a junction of two roads
a cat sleeps.


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I am Italian, from the South. My background is multi-disciplinary (grammar school, theatre training, engineering degree and PhD, communication schools, communication MSc, diverse cultural interests…) I am sure this is also what makes me available and always curious to study new topics and able to work in teams where different backgrounds meet. I am trained to lead personal development and communication courses and workshops for small or large groups of people. I have created in 2005 Poetry in action, project that designs and carries out workshops-performances where the audience is actively asked to take part, play, experiment, invent. Poetry in Action was born to amplify the access to creativity and to sow poetry where it is not expected, and so to let it descend from the academic rooms to backyards, garages, pubs. To challenge the dying boredom we think of when we say poetry and to put together elements apparently very far from each other like science, literature, improvisation, inspiration, action.