Fire-works against the Bombed

by Farrah Sarafa

Compressed in and down by fear
desires insatiate and d i s i n t i g r a t e*
collecting into one, they IMPLODE
into Iraqi core.
Particles f i z z l e,
acoustically d r i z z l e
modern rains that transform into
vect–>or-like trains colliding
they EXPLODE bullets
into Palestinian floor.

W i d e - s p r e a d s p a r k l y limbs,
Unconsciously bestowed
the whims of fresh fire
that works to insult
Inhabitants’ struggle
Iraqi-Palestinian sore eyes roar
Detonation. Sealed lips utter
Desires, from between fleshy hips
to Revenge,
I l l u m i n a t e
Satiate root’s longings
to ensnare those dishonoring
Mesopotamia and Jerusalem
A I R.

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About Farrah Sarafa

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Farrah Sarafa is an award-winning poet and professor based in Manhattan. Notable poems include "Olive", "Palestine Fig", "Blood, Sand and Tears of an Iraqi boy" and more.