Occupy Poetry

First Reaponders

BY Howard J Kogan

Oh how we love to love our fire fighters and EMT’s –
counting on them to save us in the worst of times.
Waving the red white and blue, applauding,
standing at attention, saluting as they parade past.
We praise their courage and respectfully, mournfully,
attend their funerals where bagpipes wheeze their dirges.

Our beloved First Responders who go where we
never would, who face the danger and the horror
as we wait and witness from a safe distance.
They’re our angels in uniform.

Until their labor contract needs renewing,
and property taxes climb and we piously decide
they must sacrifice, accept benefits cuts, lay-offs.
Asking of them only what we ask of other angels –
to live on our occasional prayers and inconstant love.



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