Occupy Poetry

FLORA AND FAUNA (Occupy California)

BY Virginia Barrett

The field mustard
is occupying the land
of the historic ranch
with a brilliant banner
of yellow—urging an early
American Spring.

Crows, in their black
Zen-monk robes, stand
atop the fence posts
and impart:
“let flowers grow
in all our hearts.”

Having survived
an earlier eviction,
the Tule Elk graze
on the hillsides
of loving undulations
above the rousing surf.

Cows, black and white,
conscientiously chew the cud
of the indigestible news
while in Tomales Bay
the oysters form pearls
to pay for better schools.

Mountain lions organize
in the night, stealing
it back from the monopoly
of electric lights,

(and the stars are staging a sit-in).

Coyotes circle
to devour
the corporate carnage
in the misty rain
that is washing
this earthly paradise,
this California

Virginia Barrett


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