Flower Children

by Kim Tran

Protest pursues us
on the well-paved streets of ruination
as the public of our space dissipates
in holographic visions of our
We will rise,

Claiming the movements of
decades past,
seduced by images turned into caricatures
of fists
We will rise,

We are the familiar.
We are the strange.
We are the children of Disenfranchisement.
the apathetic voices of a silent generation.
Not Hippies.
Not War Veterans.
Not Women’s Liberators.
We will rise,

of prosperity,
the tools of our oppression.
Retrieving a history-
redeeming a voice-
reawakening the quiet rumblings of revolution.

We Rise.

It is us.

Rise Up.

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About Kim Tran

Originally from San Jose, California, Kim Tran is a proud survivor of California's public schools and universities who aspires to think alongside young people in classrooms and community. While her work features many themes, it consistently privileges lived experience as a means of understanding with the world. Currently, Kim can be found roaming the halls of UC Berkeley as a graduate student in the Ethnic Studies Department., She can be found at http://kimtranpoetry.webs.com/contact