Occupy Poetry

Flowers of War

BY Saira Viola

Pink and blue the paradise hue of weeping flowers on dust grit dunes
They wait in vain for soldiers names bleeding bile and collateral rain
Under a canopy of choking misery
Children scream for democracy
While pomegranate blossoms stain desert sands
And allied forces bomb the land

Star shaped blooms with leaves of green
And fragrant petals of silken cream
Await their fate with shrunken pride
As rocket launchers scour the night
Purple Iris Lotus rose
Captured in Kodak with mangled toes
And tulips spiked with canon fire
Leave belly guts in makeshift pyres

Date Palms Juniper and pin wheel buds
Lie decimated with shrapnel and clotted with mud
And from the scabbing surface shell
A cinder charred corpses smell

Cluster plants sprayed with oil
Guerrilla triggers clip the soil
Petals bruised and scored with hate
A vista of beauty
Left to stagnate
And with the morning dew comes love
Electric sunlight and turtle doves
Singing chords of hope and peace
A wall of flowers in perfect unity

Fast Food and Gin on the Lawn


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