by Stefan Mayerhofer

do constantly avoid to be
a servant of plutocracy
and open up your eyes
if mass awareness gets increased
the system has to fall at least
when clever turns to wise

do constantly avoid the mass/mess
of media spreading stupidness
do not believe their lies
if mass delusion gets refused
the world will see an honest boost
and trueness will arise

do constantly avoid to get
fucked by the system that you hate
and let your anger out
if mass rebellion gets increased
the system has to fall at least
by our angry shout!

do constantly get off the grid
avoiding all this fossil shit
that leads us to demise
if mass pollution gets refused
the world will see a cleaner boost
and changes will arise!

do not distract yourself too much
with drugs with gambling and with such
attritions of your mind
if mass distraction gets decreased
the system has to fall at least
and clarity you`ll find!

do not believe in blocking gods
aborted are their fucking buds
in favor of a few
if stiff religions get refused
the world will see a holy boost
when god reveals in you!

do not aspire to their jobs
don`t be their soldiers and their cops
resist by any means
if mass oppression gets decreased
the system has to fall at least
cause we are full of beans!

do not believe their fucking lies
of war on terror alibis
ignore their fucking news
if propaganda gets refused
the world will see a lucid boost
for sanitary views!

do not believe in what they say
do not accept their fucking way
don`t be their status quo
so if their status gets decreased
the system has to fall at least
when we just leave their show!

be always just the one you are
do always trust your shining star
awareness you will see
and if awareness gets infused
the world will see its greatest boost
towards divinity!

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Stefan Mayerhofer

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I`D LIKE TO INTRODUCE MYSELF, I`d like to introduce myself, I fight for global peace and wealth, by writing things of setting free, yes this is what I do!, I`ve worked out EVERYTHING alone, my songs my concepts right at home, against our sick society, but now I`d need a crew!, I still got many things to say, now even in the "englISh" way, but step bY step I have tO face, I`m Unable to cope!, my ego had to manifest, alone I`m better thAN the rest, self-isolateD in my place, I`ve almost lost my hope!, my hope for human majesty, my need to set my spirits free, my urge to share my attitude, with other guys like yoU!, the time IS right to change my mind, to leave my vanity behind, to cast off fucking solitude, to changE my point of View!, so finally I`d likE to say, I do appReciate the waY, against THe "profitablishment", which fINally comes to an end!, the time is riGht to change the trend, with best regards…, der KONTRAHENT!, http://www.youtube.com/user/derkontrahent/videos, http://derkontrahent.tumblr.com/archive, http://soundcloud.com/derkontrahent, http://myspace.com/derkontrahent