Occupy Poetry

Greek Consciousness

BY Roibeard McElroy

Greek culture land of Spartans
long studied and read
which bore the raid of tartan
like a scarlet riverbed
the blood of Celt and Persian
the tale script of Homer
if marchin' earth bands Carpatian
a hero ne'er be a misnomer.

The Odyssey and the Iliad
whose ink the sweat of Gods
the legend of Sinbad
is a fleece where sleep ne'er nods;
the Parthenon and Acropolis
the Trojan Horse once boring
calls from their necropolis
from heroes couch come soaring

Thermopylae and the Spartan
the captive and the chained
with phoenix and lion do hearten
where coups of history have stained
for the Greeks the only CENTS
on the Euro is default
let the red fire's prized rents
on ECB, IMF, call a halt!

Greek Culture and the Hellene
long marooned on the anchor
her freedom and land sellin'
is a shard cut with rancour.
So Greeks when you are dumped
in a mess not of your litter
where the cluttered field is lumped
your ray of hope will glitter.

Roibeard McElroy


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