Happy Harvest

by Joe DeMarco

He who toils,
shall unearth something,
that mankind has,
long since lost.
And he shall go to bed,
with a heavy head,
And sleep without worry.
Or whimper.
Or whim.
It is easy to forget.
(When MAGIC is beamed to a screen on your wall)
That our Mother the Earth,
Nourishes us,
It's easy to forget,
that beans and corn don't come from cans,
Can we allow ourselves to see,
the folly of our development?
Can we allow the children,
to remember that,
Bread isn't created in a factory?
And apples don't grow on shelves?
Concrete gives little back,
So why plant so many buildings?
So why plant freeways and parking lots?
You ever heard of a parking lot sandwich?
Plant a tree,
Plant a whole vegetable garden,
And have a
Happy Harvest.

By: Joseph DeMarco


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About Joe DeMarco

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Joseph DeMarco was born in New York City; he grew up in Buffalo, NY. He has taught seventh grade on the island of Oahu, Hawaii for the last ten years. He is the author of the novels Plague of the Invigilare, The 4 Hundred and 20 Assassins of Emir Abdullah-Harazins, At Play in the Killing Fields, Blind Savior, False Prophet, and Vegans Are Tastier. He worked on the restoration of Pu'ukohola Heiau.