Occupy Poetry


BY Stefan Mayerhofer

all along we keep complaining
aboUt the flaws iN our lIves
but all along we keep resTraining
ourselves from rEaching paraDise!

all along we pray for welfare
for love of neighbor and for peace
but all along for this WE get there
by horrifying miseries!

all along we make achievementS
by human ingenuiTy
but all along they`re in the wrong hands
AND keep us trappeD Instead of free!

all along we strive for freedom
for serVItuDE gets passing by
but all along our ego`s kingDom
keeps going us to stratify!

all along WE feel so merry
inhaling Mother Natures breath
but all along her territory
keeps suFfering more pain and death!

ALL along the line we are now
at a crossroads of our lives
and all along the way we`ll somehow
create us hell or paradise!

the time is right to shift the trend
with best regards...der Kontrahent!

thanks to Aesop 4 the inserted quote


Stefan Mayerhofer


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