I've Never Been

by Friscobeat

I've never been bitten by a flea.
Or seen a coelacanth at sea.
Ever seen a kangaroo?
No, not even in a zoo.
I've never been to Mozambique.
But I've been to Timbuktu.

I'd like to go to Vennitsa
or maybe gay Pairee.
I'd like to see a cricket match
with bowlers bowling
and wickets sticking.

Route 66 sounds mighty fine.
So does a sip of Texas wine.
There is nothing better than Ris De Veau
unless it's KFC to go.

But I'd trade all my eau de vie
for just one bite of OCCU-PIE.
Something like mincemeat, apple or pigeon
for us 99% it will bring religion.

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I'm a 68 year old white dude, husband, father and grandfather.I became interested in poetry some years ago at a conference given by Robert Bly. I used to live in San Francisco, North Beach, where I soaked up some beat vibes. Lawrence Ferlinghetti was my neighbor for a time. That's why I use the name Friscobeat as my nom de plume. Other than reading lots of poetry, I'm entirely self taught. That can be either a fact or an excuse., I am extremely excited about the possibilities flowing from the Occupy movement. Since I'm not moving around much these days (I'm in wheelchair with MS) and because I want to do something in support, I started a weblog called Poetry Occupying Occupy. You can find it at Http://poetryoccupyingoccupy.com.