Occupy Poetry

I see the end creeping up on me like a big fucken giant Monday

BY R.Vidacs

With all of its pawns and endless bills, buried under a thick conundrum
Paragraphs of Means someone thought of just the other day
Just to keep us both busy and entertained while nothing works
And it’s good to know that we still get some crumbs and bone
For pretending it does; this is how democracy looks like
It mumbles in my ear on hollow nights like that, off a fat man’s greasy lips
That has raped a mother, all the way since biblical times until yesterday
And now suddenly you are on top of it all. All the games on your screen
All the shows on your TV, all the gossips you know and history and business
And straitjackets with “American dream” written all over
You think you know but no one exists anymore, just a bunch of zombies going to work
Going to prison, going to the grave like dirt from under a gigantic nail.
The beauty so simple, but we are mostly on drugs; stolen reality, hijacked gods
This is what democracy looks like
In the shadows of stone carved sarcasm, monuments in repayments
Of great sacrifices, reminders of great achievements exploited
Little monkeys smiling off desktop photos triumphant in the course of
Evolution from hard labour to profitable cheats
Counter effective like Jesus for the masses of hypocrites marching
Over thousands of dead children daily, over endless hospital waiting lists
Over thousands of bombs built, over men sent to kill and to be killed
Little devils are trampling over one another. This is what democracy looks like
Weapons of mass destruction, bomb the shit out of another nation. Not guilty nor innocent
But hopelessly entertained. My cousin, puzzled by who used who’s toothpaste on national TV
YOUR COUNTRY IS AT WAR FOR FUCK'S SAKE! People are being blown up; bones dislocated
Meat burned, children suffocated, throats cut, limbs sliced and intestines and brains spilled.
Hundreds and millions displaced. Prisoners tortured, women giving birth to deformed children due to depleted uranium which our government uses to bomb them with...



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