Occupy Poetry

Last Rites

BY Robert McGee Jr.

Its presence ubiquitous, inescapable
Almost familiar to a fault,
Yet so strikingly colorful, alluring
As in a vision of pure sublimity --
A transmutation of specious thought!

A lovely thing round which to rally
stand up for that for which it stands --
that which is discernible and sacrosanct:
what lies at the heart of the Republic
as glorious a cause as was ever conceived!

Its presence ubiquitous, inescapable
It is less familiar than it is infuriating,
Less alluring than it is excruciating:
It now represents its own obsolescence --
Ignominy and betrayal as well!

All of its features remain unchanged
All the stars and stripes still there,
But the heartbeat of that Republic
The very object of that solemn pledge --
Now flat as the stripes on that flag!


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