Occupy Poetry

Letter to Denmark

BY Rae Desmond Jones

It is spring in the South, &
Purple flowers spatter the horizon,
Breathing out their dense syrup of light & life.

Things look not so different
Though we’re upside down, star gazing
From the fragile venerable earth.

It smells rich & soft, as though we could
Drop back into the fat cloacal mush
From which we writhed
(& thought we rose)

A few seconds ago, in the time
It took the eternal clock to factor the passage of light
Through matter, into consciousness.

Sitting in this most ancient garden I contemplate
The pregnant predestined chemistry

That made possible our vulgar growth:
Millions of us, wriggling & squirming,
Worms eating into the carcass

Of this tiny ball of mud & fire
That has sustained us, despite the chance
That some great lump of jagged rock could
Flick us with nonchalant indifference,

Knocking us sideways into some turbulent emptiness
A few million light years away.

Decine and Fall, pub. ASM, Macao


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