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Limerick crochetés: Once Japanese Robot lied about its age

BY T. Wignesan

Limerick: Once Japanese Robot lied about its age

Once Japanese Robot lied about its age
To an American Robot under age
At marriage registry
Paid haemophrodite fee
That night in shed they locked jaws in mad glad rage.

One said: “If only I knew your true old age
I would not have stooped so low to engage
You in paedophilie
Despite the reduced fee!”
Said the other: “Shut your trap. Open your cage!”

All night they toiled without oil or French vintage
Pungent fumes coursed through finely wired visage
Love counter showed much glee
-Unusual degree-
Neither side of Pacific need take umbrage.

Hiroshima Nagasaki sheer mirage
Robot lingo spout like Zen-type soul adage
Nuts bolts screws a-plenty
War rights out of country
Robots join dumb Robots in Atomic Age!

© T. Wignesan – Paris, 2015

T. Wignesan



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