Occupy Poetry


BY Mahmoud Darwish

Living on his father's lap
frightened by the sky's inferno: Protect me father
from flying above, my wing is too
small for the wind... and the light is pitch-black

Muhammad wants to return home
without a bicycle or a new shirt.
Wants to go to the school bench
to the syntax and etymology notebook.
Take us to our home,dad,so i may prepare for my
studies and continue my living little by little over
the sea shore,under the palm tree and
nothing farther,nothing farther.

Facing an army without having a stone or any planet's
shrapnel-s.He didn't write it,it was written for him
on the wall.My liberty will not die,but i will die
defending my liberty.No horizon will even shield
Babel's pigeons.And still born a boy with a name that
carries condemnation along with it.How many more times
will boys be born minus a country minus a childhood
tryst.He will dream if the dream comes,and the land is
lacerated.......and a house of worship.

His death was inescapably coming but he remembered
seeing a leopard on the television screen and when the
leopard approached the poisoned milk,he did not covet
it as if the milk is going to tame
savagery.Therefore,i will escape the boy
said,weeping:My life is hidden in my mom's closet.I
will escape....and bear witness.

A poor angle with an arm reach of a cold blooded hunter.
From the hour when the cameras focused on the child's
lonely movements,in his own shadow,his conspicuous
face as dawn,and conspicuous heart as an apple,and his
conspicuous fingers as candle and whatever was above
his pants was conspicuous.His hunter(murderer)had the
option of re-thinking and saying:Let me leave him
until he learns to pronounce his Palestine
non-erroneously.Let me leave him now and kill him
whenever he become a maverick.

Small Jesus sleeps and dreams inside the heart of a
holy picture made out of brass.
Out of olive branch
Out of renewed people's spirit.

Surplus of blood more than what the prophets need.
Ascend to the final fame.
Oh Muhammad.


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