My Dog's Breath

by Todd Temkin

Catfish, what is your secret combination
of herbs and spices?
What delicate mix of lint and tennis ball?
What is the proper perspiration

licked from your genital pores?
Walking down the street
I hear slurping sounds:
a bagel chip, cat shit, a moldy taco shell.

Catfish, I roll over in the night
seeking my wife's neck
and there you are, snorting blissfully into space,
your paws in the air, your mouth open.

Crazy Denizens of the Lost World

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About Todd Temkin

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Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1964, Todd Temkin moved to Valparaíso in 1994 where he served as Associate Professor of North American Literature at the Catholic University of Valparaíso. He later founded the Valparaíso Foundation, a non-profit organization that has played an instrumental role in the transformation of the historic seaport of Valparaíso into a UNESCO world heritage site. For his work as a cultural activist, Temkin has received many awards including the City of Valparaíso Prize (2008) and the Juana Ross Prize (2009), the latter of which is considered highest honor the city of Valparaíso can bestow upon an individual or institution. Since 2007 he has been the Sunday columnist for El Mercurio de Valparaíso, the oldest Spanish language newspaper in continuous publication in the world., Todd Temkin is the author of two books, "Crazy Denizens of the Lost World" (Editorial Universidad de Valparaíso 2005) and "Moriré en Valparaíso" (Mercurio Aguilar 2010). His poems have appeared in a wide variety of North American and Latin American magazines.