Occupy Poetry

Occupy Albany Haiku

BY Mark Mishler


O. W. S. began,
inspired and gave much hope
of a new movement.

Mic checks are the voice
creating new narratives
of people’s power.

Academy Park,
home of possibilities
not yet imagined.

Many colorful
tents spread all throughout the park,
new community.

Old comrades connect,
young creative activists,
uniting as one.

Consensus achieved,
an action plan can emerge,
democracy wins.

Ninety-nine percent,
powerful message of hope,
together we win.

War economy,
resources drained from our needs,
real change must come now.

Millionaires are taxed:
No cuts to education
Human needs prevail.

Power to people,
Not to the corporations,
That’s the clear message.

The 1 %

Governor Cuomo
leader of the one percent,
protector of wealth.

The Mayor was boxed
in unexpected corner
did not do as bid.

The Business Council
is likely getting worried,
no more of the same.

Heaven for sectarians

I’m more radical,
I can write long polemics,
But, do anything?

It used to be hard
to disrupt grassroots actions,
but now I just block.

Sectarian’s joy:
blocking rationality
at G. A. meetings.

Albany, NY 11/23/11



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