Occupy Poetry

Occupy Declaration

BY Roibeard McElroy

Occupy the patch sovereign
the Highlands and Lowlands
of the liberal vowels
possess their sacred islands
in the collective consciousness
fill the exoteric interest
with love amass its fortune
the only vested interest
conquers the land opportune

Occupy love in its diction
to possess 9/10th of the law
the cosmic wheel bears no friction
its geometry ne'er could outlaw
Re-possess the Possessive Pronouns
surround not with moate circular
The commons of Proper Nouns
collectives of shapes angular
the 99% fortify
Alpha Omega first to last
like cling film acidify
for ascension is a rapid fast!

Occupy the time-locked capsule
be in the hustler market
not lame or drool o'er their drool.
There's a vessel to park it
on which the one percent are barred
No parade is out of bounds
for the tide of trillions is a no holds barred;
in the hunt of justice like righteous hounds
occupy and advance!
Free of threshold, limit, not deterred,
the Prized Bonds take a second chance
in the occupation of peace & love be interred!

Roibeard McElroy


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