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Mevlyde Mezini Saraçi


Mevlyde Mezini Saraçi was born in the Mitrovica 1954, December 15 .
The primary and secondary school she finished in the birthplace and the study in the academy in Prishtina University. She is a certificated teacher of Albanian language. She was working in the primary school “At Gjergj Fishta” in the country Bishtazhin and was activity in politics of 1990 where is constitution LDK party in Kosova. In the 1990 she was made the subbranch of the association“Mother Tereza” and was a first head. In this association was active to 1995.
In the 1991 -2010 head of Women’s Forum of LDK- in Gjakova and the member of presidency of LDK in Gjakova and was even elected member of General Council of LDK.
In the period past war was elected a vice director in the sector of information in which sector are edition the daily local newspaper.
1998-2000 she was a member of a Parliament of Republic of Kosova.
In the year 2001-2004 she was elected the director of Culture, Youth and Sports Department in
Gjakova Municipality. In this position she was work very good projects in the constructions and renovations of cultural monuments and sports buildings.
In the this time was editing two scientific books : “ The Gjergj Kastrioti- Skenderbeu” and “ Denomination of places of Gjakova” with scientific literature.
In the November 2001, she was visit the Jamestown with the president of Municipality of Gjakova in the ceremony and they are signature in the twining ceremony of two towns Gjakova and Jamestown N.Y.
They was a guest of a president of Municipality of Jamestown N.Y, Mayor. Samuel Teresi.
She have a key of Jamestown gift of Municipality of Jamestown to open everywhere the door of this town.
2001-2004 she was elected a member of a Parliament of Kosova.
2006-2007 she was a Director of Culture, Youth and Sports in the Gjakova Municipality.
She is a writer and was editing four books:
Syte e Pranveres”- 2000, poezi, -
“Ndoshta me s’ka kuptim” 2002 poezi, -
“Kur jeta duhej jetuar” 2003, roman, -
“Çelesi eshte diku larg” 2004, poezi,
Romani ne doreshkrim,
2004 Ambasador of Universal Peace,
2007 Honorary citizens of Lushnja, Albania
2000-2010 she was a Director of Boards of NGO “Vlera e Gjakoves”
2011 President of International League of Poets, Writers and artists “Pegasi “Branch Gjakova

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