Occupy Poetry

Political Persuasions

BY Ann von Linden

Forty minutes into my into my 60 minute indoor bike ride,
a drop of sweat fell off my forehead to the floor.
Swimming thoughts..
I am going to start a Not Radical Enough for the Radical Caucus Caucus.
They will wiggle their fingers toward the ground or
cross their arms in front of their chests.
I imagine these radical caucus members to be young
and wanting revolution.
I get the desire for revolution.
There are even times when I understand
the desire for violent revolution in other countries
where the people have had violence and torture and
god knows what other horrors
rained upon them for years and years and years.
But some of us know that revolution is. not. pretty.
And revolutionaries get hurt and tortured and killed.
I have two adolescent daughters and
I cannot leave them motherless
because of revolution, at this time.
I have absolutely no doubt
that sometimes I speak liberal nonsense.
I was not schooled in revolution.
I was not even schooled in current events.
Most people who come to Occupy Albany want
to make a difference, however small.
We want a better world.
The one we have dreamed of
where there aren't any girls and boys
who grow up to want to make a difference
and get shut out by the radicals.
We want people of all abilities to be truly included in our communities
and not left to be one of the others forever and a day.
We want our children to be schooled in all the right things
and loved and clothed and fed.
We want there to be no need for Small Business Saturday
because the corporations do not exist anymore.
Going to do some small business shopping
and to the Mind Body Spirit working group meeting
and the general assembly.
Too young for the previous movements of this caliper,
I am laying claim to this one.
This is my movement
and the movement of all my friends
of varying political persuasions.
We will not be excluded.


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