Occupy Poetry

Promise Ya

BY Miraj Patel

I can't promise to reach the skys, but i swear will bring heaven on earth for ya

I can't promise to swim the longest river, but i swear will never let the distance seperate us

I can't promise to climb the highest mountains, but swear will never let ya fall

I can't stop the storm, but i swear forever will hold ya

I can't promise to measure the deepest ocean, but i swear, to the core will love ya

I can't promise to steal the stars for ya, but i swear will shine like a sun in the dark for ya...

I may not be Mr. Perfect, but i swear will make things perfect for ya,
To keep up the promise, forever will need ya,
I swear i will never leave ya,
To the core baby will love ya,
No matter what, forever will hold ya,
And baby this i promise ya.


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