Occupy Poetry

Public image minus one

BY R.Vidacs

Right. Integrity, honesty etc, etc
The world has deteriorated since the
Great War and the television
Pop corn, Marlboro and bullshit
(But much more since “9/11”)

Self isolation is an evolutionary social phenomenon
Where a single specimen retrieves to this abstract niche
Reproductively becoming a separate kind
Commonly known as weird

Your world is a lie and you see a coward
And you are fed with dead in aesthetics
And you’re fed with spew and left over
Piled up

Wanna fuck?

God has given us pain now orchestrated with destruction and despair
Will keep awhile to your coffin a chain
But sometimes you just got to go
Illusion after illusion
Your trespasses have been seen, every single one of them
But I’m still here, that
You know



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