Occupy Poetry

Set This House On Fire

BY Adam Gaile

I live by standards that go beyond the constitution
My friends…you must understand
That I am simply but a man
Who cannot understand the demands of his government
When Grandmothers are being maced in the face
When veterans are being beaten with batons
Maybe that’s a signal that it’s time for all of us
To march through the streets of this Hades land
And take back what was stolen from us by our overseers
I don’t understand much, but this I can tell you…
When I see lights flashing and sirens blaring
I am afraid…
Why should this fear of another man take dominion over my serenity
Why must those who serve and protect demonstrate hostility
Towards those who are the true servants of peace
We need these signs to announce our presence
Not to offend and drive away the ignorant among us
To educate, inform, and enlighten
Not divide, spread hate, and nourish strife to a gluttonous nation
Let the least among us have the bullhorn, because from my vantage point
There’s too many chiefs, and not enough Indians
And what shame it is that the world we are trying to build for our kids
Resembles the world that has infected our livelihoods
In our age the free press has become noise pollution
Free to say anything, and I am an adherent believer…
…that in this climate, a lie can run around the globe
Before the truth has even gotten it’s boots on.
What evening lies have you heard my Father?
What words of hate have you heard my Mother?
Where is your billfold now that your body is turning against you?
Where are the coins when your house is taken from you?
Where is your heart at, and what does your conscience say
When you pass a dirty man lying in the street on a grey snowy day
I see a million signs raised high…
I see a million fists raised to the sky…
I see suits and ties burning in the after light…
Of the fires set to burn this house down.



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