Occupy Poetry

So Revendicated The Indignados

BY Wirndzerem G.Barfee

Spare us ur speculative future
bring us back our certain yesterday

leave us alone with ur sophisticated futuristics
we want the fair equities of a simple present

spare us ur infinite gamble of our means:
that gluttonous rage of bears and bulls
the walls and streets spiraling the chimera of easy gold

leave us alone gold men and get sacked,
get john on the pier’s point & more gangs chased
stop banking on a mafia that rules the world:

usurers impounding ur flesh for every pound
they scammed u to foreclose, & that’s capital for u!

who cares about the great digit cults:
G8, G20…that’s duplicitous esoterics for u too

Spare us ur cures, give us just a slice of ur own health!
for every 1 of u, we are 99, yet u tilt the scales…


Spare us ur speculative future
Bring us back our certain yesterday



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