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Submission to Occupy Poetry is free and open to any poet or writer. There is no need to query the editorial staff to contribute to this project. Humanity has united across boundaries in a struggle for real democracy and individual rights. Essential to this struggle is the respect for human life and living conditions, including environments.
Global civil society is being threatened by a system based on power and not on human values and the goal of this project is to rise through poems, verse and sayings the power of people. Day after day modern financial systems represses basic freedoms and consistently favors the greed of the few over the needs of the many. This power finances wars, food and pharmaceutical monopolies, it sponsors dictatorial regimes across the globe, destroying environments, manipulating and censoring information flow and transparency. Protesting through poetry peacefully spread the word of a better life and change.

If you are a confirmed poet, please make sure that your name is not already listed in our database by checking the List of Poets by nationality. If your name is already in our site, please send us a message to link that name with your member account. Also, use our search box to see if your name isn't listed yet. Sometimes, you need to test it directly in your browser,

ex: http://www.occupypoetry.net/yourname_yoursurname

Most of all contemporary poets are already in our database but not visible to search engines because their folders are still empty and don't contain any poem and biography yet.

First, you need an account?


  • 1- You need an account to post your poems
  • 2- Publish your poetry on the site
  • 3- Add your biography if any or any other contact informations to share with our readers
  • 4- Submit or publish as many poems as you want
  • 5- If you wish to change a poem later or remove it completely, firstly, login and enter the member area page. Secondly, click the Poem Title then the Edit tab below the title or Delete link at the bottom of each poem.
  • 6- Manage your copyrights credits
  • 7- Add your photo

This is the full advantage of your registration.

Is there any rules for posting your poems?

Yes. Please follow these rules when submitting your poems. Occupy Poetry staff wants you to feel free to share your poetry and exchange any ideas with readers in your poems and comments messages. That said, there are certain guidelines in place to keep this anthology a safe and friendly place. Please use the guidelines below when publishing and posting your texts on the site.

  • 1- Do not write the title all in uppercase or all lowercase.
  • 2- Write only the first letter of each word of the title or your name in uppercase.
  • 3- Some poems like Haiku haven't individual titles. Please group poems without titles by numbers in one form and use a general title for them.
  • 4- Do not write all of the poem's text in uppercase.
  • 5- Do not write the title or name of the poem in the poem's body form. Avoid adding the name of the poet at the end of the poem's text (When the poem is displayed on our site, the title of the poem and the name of the poet are added automatically).
  • 6- Rather than separating the lines by using the "/" mark or any other mark, at the end of each line, click the "enter" key to go directly to the next line.
  • 7- Leave only one blank line between the sections.
  • 8- You can write the date and place of the poem at the bottom of each poem by placing them in the "From" and "Copyright" areas but not in the body of the poem.
  • 9- If the poem is a translation, you can write the original language and the name of the translator at the bottom.
  • 10- Please do not add external links into poems forms. Links to your blogs and personal sites can be added in your profile page.

Prohibited Content

If any of the poems you published on Occupy Poetry contains any of the following prohibited acts, your texts will be removed from the site without any consultation, and you risk having your account banned and terminated.

  • Pornography
  • Hate and Racism insinuations
  • Sexual Solicitation content
  • Personally Identifiable Information
  • Plagiarized Content
  • Gruesome or Excessive Violence
  • Illegal or Harmful Content
  • Religious Profanity
  • Personal Attacks
  • Spam

Also, we reserve the right to remove any material deemed to be inaccurate, excessively offensive, or hostile and that do not meet these rules and/or contain profane or vulgar language or is plagiarized work.

Does the copyright of the poems I submit still belong to me?

The publishing rights and copyright of all poems you submit on Occupy Poetry website continues to belong to YOU.

You do not need to transfer the copyright of a poem when you submit it to our site if you are the copyright owner of this text. By submitting your poem to our site, you agree that we can publish it on our web sites and send it to people as the poem of the day newsletter by email or by sharing it in other social networks.

  • A biography form is also available online to send us your listing work titles, previous publications and awards, and a complete bio if possible.
  • Electronic Submissions: Please note that we cannot accept unsolicited email submissions. You may submit and publish poems online electronically by creating an account with our online submission manager. This method is strongly recommended.

Take Action and Submit your Poems

If you come across any content that may be in violation of these rules, please use the "report this" link on the piece of content in question.


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