Occupy Poetry

The Cheetah Goes Free

BY Saira Viola

His face was stamped with evil
He knew how to Lie
To disguise the Truth
Underneath the flabby gut
And stinking lard of Admission
He fed himself on
Death , Taxes and
The Whore of Justice
She dressed pretty
But couldn't rely on the Foreign Kind
She liked it Kosher
Liked it white
Now and again she'd Rebel
Have a Tryst with someone more Exotic
But generally said No to the poor .

He spent his nights Alone
Washed by Sleaze
His Soul chewing on the blood of the dispossessed
And the weak
They came to him with EVERYTHING they owned
Pawned their rocks of silver and gold

They dreamt of Justice, wanted just a taste
He drank their tears and mocked their pain
The Perma smirk he carried inscribed With their unborn babes
He could milk them for days, nights, months, decades .
He WOULD milk them all the way to their ashy Graves .

And when Autumn's leaves ripple the breeze
The Cheetah is dining on fetid greed .

La vérité



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