by Stefan Mayerhofer

the end iS near my fellow men
the end of our days
the global system wILl collapsE
aNd chaos we will faCE!

soon ItS too late to fill the gaps
among the human race
THE global conflicts will increase
and ruin we will face!

soon we will bring us to our knees
by forcing our pace
by justifying VIcious means
the end we have to face!

the end is neaR so full of beans
the end of all These days
and if we manage to sUrvivE
then maybe concOrd we will Face…

the time is right FOr Other trend
with bLiSs and bloom...

der Kontrahent!

thanks to Sir Francis Bacon!

Stefan Mayerhofer

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I`D LIKE TO INTRODUCE MYSELF, I`d like to introduce myself, I fight for global peace and wealth, by writing things of setting free, yes this is what I do!, I`ve worked out EVERYTHING alone, my songs my concepts right at home, against our sick society, but now I`d need a crew!, I still got many things to say, now even in the "englISh" way, but step bY step I have tO face, I`m Unable to cope!, my ego had to manifest, alone I`m better thAN the rest, self-isolateD in my place, I`ve almost lost my hope!, my hope for human majesty, my need to set my spirits free, my urge to share my attitude, with other guys like yoU!, the time IS right to change my mind, to leave my vanity behind, to cast off fucking solitude, to changE my point of View!, so finally I`d likE to say, I do appReciate the waY, against THe "profitablishment", which fINally comes to an end!, the time is riGht to change the trend, with best regards…, der KONTRAHENT!,,,,