Occupy Poetry

The Generation that Changed the World

BY Dzekashu MacViban

Where love is a scream of anguish
There, where love’s embers embrace defiance
A new chapter is scribbled—
Listen to the poetry of a generation
On the streets, reclaiming what is theirs
In Tahrir Square.

School us, we who dare not dare
To see beyond our pot bellies

It’s not only of you I sing— you’d
Never decay into digital earth—
My tropes also sing a transgenerational note, for
All had been cased in songs of fear
Held together by the transgressions of lynch days
Dark days, that history dares not remember.

It is for you too, the unsung, that I sing—
Who dares a claim to comprehend your loss?
As you keep the faith

All’s not done yet
The mind is too near itself it cannot see
That the end is only the beginning.

unpublished collection


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