Occupy Poetry


BY Stefan Mayerhofer

can you quite often feel the hole
to live your live without a goal
to be so deeply unfulfilled
to try your hunger getting stilled:

with sick distractions of your mind
with clarity you cannot find
with bitterness deep in your soul
but all these things increase the hole

you try to take your mind off things
by multi media "ding-a-lings"
by mass consumption overall
becoming jaded weak and dull

you feel the hole it gets your core
it makes you want just more and more
it brings you smartly to your knees
you miss the forest for the trees

you get conditioned to believe
its money going to achieve
its wealth and profit by your side
it makes you toiling day and night

you get divided from the whole
to live your life without a soul
the hole it starts to spread an grow
you are the member of its show!

and gently as the time goes by
the ass-hole`s you it makes you high
to be so deeply unfulfilled
to try your hunger getting stilled…

the time is right to change this trend
with best regards…


Stefan Mayerhofer


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