Occupy Poetry

The Reincarnation of Abbie Hoffman

BY Dixie J-Elder

I opened up my newspaper & there was a photograph
of the reincarnation of Abbie Hoffman.
Roughly led away from Occupy LA by Officers Rudolf & Chacon.
Yeah! He's the reincarnation of Abbie Hoffman!
Arms wrenched behind him, with that cocky Yippie grin
Black hair in corkscrew curls, like a real Jewish Jesus.
Abbie, you've come back to us!
I bet he still yells speeches at Llamas from his back porch.
I bet he doesn't give up this time, no matter how many
manias or depressions or oil spills in Alaska try to defeat him.
It's the brand new, strong chested Abbie Hoffman!
He's wearing some sort of medallion, a striped shirt & jeans.
I hope he shouts at the judge again: “You're a Shande fur de Goyim!”
I stole his book in '71, from a second hand shop in DC
but I felt guilty, so I went back & paid the guy, who said:
“I get it, Abbie said it.” Then he took my dollar and seventy-five cents
A month later, I was arrested. Cops slammed my face down on the hood of my nearly broken down Falcon (we'd all planned to 'break down' on the bridges going in to DC)
They had a right, I'd kicked from behind
(like my brother taught me, in case of 'violent hippies')
Even at 110 pounds, I had a kick like a Llama, Abbie!
So I spent 3 days and nights singing Odetta songs
Mom wanted to leave me locked up there.
My boyfriend did six months.
All for hiding draft dodgers and AWOL soldiers
so they could get up to Canada, away from the war.
Who knew that was a felony against the state?
Who knew giving lilacs to soldiers & cops was a punishable crime?
Who knew Abbie's hair would go grey as he tried to bring back the 60s in 1983?
Who knew the Alaskan oil spill would be the death of him?
Abbie who insisted on change, Abbie who walked that revolutionary talk!
Abbie who incited to riot, too violent for me. But I had a big crush on him!
Abbie born in Worcester Mass.
(where my nephew is studying psychology and music)
Abbie you never left us. Abbie, it's the 60s again.
Hey, Abbie what's your new name?
That guy looks about 22 in the newspaper.
Abbie, we're out on the streets of Longmont.
Population 88,000 or so.
Fifty people up at 723 Main Street, making signs and talking.
Abbie, LA is so much bigger than my home town.
Abbie, Wall Street rules the world.
Hey, everybody---when's it all gonna change?

Dixie J-Elder December 1, 2011

Dixie J-Elder


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