Occupy Poetry

The Soldier of Peace

BY Bradley J McDonald

Terrorist-Protestor you choose my name
Patriot-Hippy lets play the stereotype game
Hold up you play games while I fight for your rights
For a man with no rights is a man without life
But I am not going to Iraq nor fight in Iran
I am a real Soldier and the only weapon I have
Is my freedom of speach and peace sign in my hand
I'll be at the front lines arms locked and prepared
Beaten by my neighbour who's brainwashed to not care
He's only supporting his family in this economic warfare
Political Puppets you can't silence us
But you can give us scars, you can clear the streets
You can say we torch cars but thats an anarchist i beleive
If you think somethings not right come join our Regime
I declare a state of war, Unity against greed
I only use these military words so politicians can agree
That the world needs an army, an army of Peace.


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