the tower

by Andi K. Yuwono

some say that they are close with god's hands

others believe that they will have the world

- as far as eyes can see

but can you touch the sky?

it is not your fault to have thought

from the height you can clearly see things

tiny, even - for your eyes

i say you can also reach the ground

- easily when you jump over it, free

fly like a falcon for seconds if you dare

sure, i believe you do not have the courage

the tower, what is it for you?

better build your own in your mind

i am not part of you;

prefer stand on my feet

closer to the smell of the earth

tell you, mine is within my head

: tall as i can bring the imagination of life

Salteng 190810

Andi K. Yuwono

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About Andi Yuwono

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He was born on December 28 and has the bachelor degree in education from English Department, Satya Wacana Christian University, Salatiga - Indonesia. At the first career, he worked at SWCU for the Contemporary Indonesia Program - a join program of SWCU and Sydney University (1993 – 1994), Satya Wacana University Press (1994 – 1997) and the Office of the Rector until 1997., In October 1997 he moved to Jakarta and has worked for several companies, most of them are foreign investment companies. However, after working several years in academic and private sector environment, he changed the career path in 2001 and decided to become a full-time activist until present. He is now a volunteer at Praxis Association, and also Operational Director at Voice of Human Rights News Center., Since 1995 he attended some national and international workshops, seminars, trainings and discussions on media and publishing business, human resource management and development, corporate management, arts and culture management, globalization, human rights, transitional justice, people movement, security sector reform, communications and networking etc., He also writes some poetry and uploads it into his personal blog and website. He considers it only as hobby even he has educational background on English Language and Literature.