Occupy Poetry

To Romney With Love

BY Aser Peleg

"Occupy. In whatever way you can." ~ Deborah Jiang Stein

A homless Uman offers to sell mi
A used C.D.
Ass I walk out the music Chain
Ché says, C'mon
It'll turn that frown
Upside down
(I'm no clown,

In public Skool we learn
United Nada.
Sextbook violins:
That Fridays bring out
The animals inn People

Peep-hole who need steeple
Are the unluckiest sheeple
In the World War

We’d tank Gog
W. for no homo-
Work, Moor, amplified
Misschief. To this very dayenu

I anticipate that frown of mine
To appear out of Liberty Squared
Like a coveted Sunni Purchase
At The End of 70 pimply weeks

The Cheribum flashed
A Wa’ad Greene
And in an instant
Needles, I was reminded:

A smile
May be a frown
Upside d@wn

The beggar offers
Goysticks for Freedome
Fries. Says, It'll cost U.$. —
Everything. Sorry
Seir, Om no clown.

Don't pimp my lube on high holidays, either!
Mother Fracker.

As the Bellringer in the Joker suit Señor Freezes.
I can still hear ha'Santa Clause von Bülow
Ho-Hoe-Hoing! Down Walt Street
Mowing all the way to the East

Bunker Busterds

Aser Peleg



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