Occupy Poetry

Trash City Blues

BY Saira Viola

Elegant thugs and Escort Girls
With boudoir secrets to tell the world
Celebrity sleaze and corporate greed
Sold for 6 figures to a magazine
Designer Labels and fastfood on sale
Grab a life from a bargain rain
A chemical peel or Lipo plan
You need wrinkle cream and a Perma Tan
Chop out the coupons for meat and greens
While hemmoraging credit for a plasma screen
Guys standing in line
Begging for overtime
Trying to save nickles and dimes
Foreclosure and debt killed the American dream
The heart of a nation ripped at the seams
Breaking new about a starlet's shoes
While hospitals close and there's queues for food
Is this the trumpet for Liberty
Global hunger and mass illiteracy
Barbie doll smiles
And Promax Highs
Admen selling consumers bile
Adult chat rooms and cyber shocks
Mortgage your home to buy a frock
Stealing shoes on London streets
Protest your innocence on CCTv
It's a tapestry of hate; a canvas that bleeds
What the hell happened to society ?

Fast Food and Gin on the Lawn



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